This hilarious yet highly-informative video of Seas at Risk in Youtube is a must watch!

With its catchy tune and rhyming lyrics, apparently this video is an eye-opener to the present issue of our world today—the accumulation of plastic waste.

Plastic is everywhere… and I do mean everywhere! This is because people make it in large quantities because it is so useful in just about everything people do. We love plastics because it is best for packaging and for making our materials such as our toothbrushes and our bottles of water. That’s why waste plastic is becoming a serious problem, especially around the world’s coastlines and oceans.

People make a lot of things out of plastic because it is cheap and versatile. Plastic things also last a long time. This can be very useful for people but it’s one of the biggest problems for the environment. Most plastics last just about forever because no life form has yet evolved which can EAT plastic. Almost everything else made by humans gets broken down, either by microbes which can use waste as food or by natural decay of metals like steel. The sun or the pounding of waves on the seashores of the world does break up plastic into little bits but the little bits don’t vanish… and that is one of the biggest problems with this human-made stuff.

Unfortunately, this environmental problem can be observed in our very own city, Ormoc.

Here is a picture of the plastic waste along the newly constructed diversion road in Bantigue-San Pablo, Ormoc City and another unsightly view was seen at Brgy. Can-Adieng, Ormoc City.

Should we, Ormocanons, just stand back and watch our beautiful city being slowly littered by heaps of trash?

Remember, each and every one of us contribute to this waste. I use plastics, you use plastics, everybody of us use plastics! It’s OUR plastic; the problem is that nobody cares.

But allow me to emphasize the message of this video: Ormocanons! It’s OUR plastic; it’s OUR problem!