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Renee Angela Tse

An advocate of spreading awareness and formulating solutions on the environmental problems of Ormoc City | 100% proud Ormocanon ✊

Building houses out of plastic waste

Good news my fellow Ormocanons! A group of Colombians are transforming the serious problem of pollution by using plastic waste—and the Lego building model—as a solution for the thousands of people without houses. The Bogota-based company, Conceptos Plasticos, seeks to reverse... Continue Reading →


Step Up Ormocanons! To Zero-Plastic Waste!

Plastics, plastics everywhere! Plastic pollution is a relevant issue that the people of Ormoc City are currently facing. Everyday, heaps and mountains of plastic waste go to landfills. In reality, the only way to solve this problem is through the... Continue Reading →

MUST-READ! Deadly Effects of Plastic Pollution!

Some of you may ask: Why do we need to care about this plastic waste issue? Well, we may not be aware of it but plastic has done deadly, long-term effects on the environment of our city. It is actually... Continue Reading →

Tracing the Roots of Plastic Waste

A famous quote from Anthony J. D’Angelo once said that “When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.” So if we want to permanently fix the plastic pollution in our city today, we better... Continue Reading →

Our Plastic; Our Problem Ormocanons!

This hilarious yet highly-informative video of Seas at Risk in Youtube is a must watch! With its catchy tune and rhyming lyrics, apparently this video is an eye-opener to the present issue of our world today—the accumulation of plastic waste.... Continue Reading →

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